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Women’s Ministry

Our women's department is a vital part of our church. They organize programs that teach younger women how to be a Godly woman and also support other sisters in the community.

Contact Minister Cynthia Deas
  |  Tel: 843-610-0416

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Youth Ministry

Our youth are our future. From Bible Study, Youth Sundays and different programs for them, we minister to them and teach them God's Word. 

Contact Our Church  


Outreach Ministry

A church should never be confined to just the four physical walls. Our church has a desire to bring back to our communities, schools, jobs and homes the power and authority of Jesus The Christ, Son of the Living God.

Contact Minister Regina Peterson 

|  Tel: 843-617-7616

Music Ministry

Our Music Ministry consists of our Praise and Worship Team, Mass Choir, Youth Choir and all of our dedicated musicians. We desire to serve with excellence as we make a joyful noise.

Contact Toria McIver

|  Tel: 843-453-9248

Additional Ministries

To Be Added Soon!

- Hospitality

- Usher Board

- Cleaning

- Audio

- Education

and many more...

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