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Elder Tommy L. Milo Jr.

Join me for 365 days of fasting and prayer this year.  

To carry out God’s purposes for us as a body of believers and individually,
we resolve to create an environment of unity, love and faith.  

Psalm 133   *   Acts 4:31   * Mark 9:29 

We create that environment by fasting and praying.  Prayer and fasting won’t make demons bow; demons only bow to Christ.  However, fasting and prayer helps us arrest unbelief— as we put our senses, our human nature, and our wills in subjection to the Spirit of God.  Our faith—the faith of God— moves mountains and casts out demons.  Faith works by love.  (Galatians 5:6) Our love walk is essential if we are going to live a life of victory and excellence this year. I hope each of you will take a day, a few days, or a week to seek the Lord for excellence in unity, love, and faith as we move forward to do the will of God.

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